Renegade Sound System Party
Saturday, October 16, 2004, 9 PM - 4 AM
In an outdoor, urban location. Free!
Featuring a mashed up mix of bombastic sounds by Boston area beat strategists in an environment of live video mixing/projection and moving lights.

We'd like to thank all the people who worked so hard to make this party happen, and everyone who came out and got down.


From the cameras of Dave, Liz, Sharon, and Allison Evans From the Camera of Chris Kontoes

From the cameras of Dave, Liz, and Sharon

Local Fields and 360 view .AVI

Skunk — of the SCUL bicycle gang — gets down .AVI

SCUL website

DuoTone perform "Can't Freestyle" .AVI

Pace rocks a late night DJ set while folks dance under the lights .AVI

Quicktime Slide Show: Vincent mans the video station Quicktime Slide Show: Video and people in action
Quicktime Slide Show: Peeps dance under the lights Quicktime Slide Show: DJ C mashes it up


If you'd like to pick up a copy of the Re:Sound CD featuring music by all the performers who played at the party you can purchase on at the Beat Research site.


"This is the coolest party I've heard of since raves were cool. To complement a Cambridge Arts Council Gallery exhibit of the history of "sound system" culture — from '60s jamacia, to '70s Bronx, to '80's London — comes (((RE:SOUND))) a renegade sound-system party at a yet-to-be-disclosed outdoor, urban location. Live performers include Wayne and Wax, Local Fileds, Sosolimited, DJ Flack, DuoTone, Hrvatski and DJ C. Make sure to do all your drugs before you get there, 'cos you can also expect video projections by Antony Flackett, jackbackrack, Sosolimited and SeLsYn, special lighting and, of course, the sound system. To find out where the event will be, tune into 89.3 in the Union Square area of Somerville, MA, between the hours of 8pm and 10pm on Saturday night... Try noth to drool."
-Alissa Mariello for the Weekly Dig

"The Re:Sound DJ collective, which includes members of the late, lamented Toneburst group, have an installation up at the Cambridge Art Council examining "the history of sound-system culture from ‘60s Jamaica to ‘70s Bronx to ‘80s London," and there’s also a "listening event" with sets by junglist-dancehall scientists DJ Flack and DJ C (who operate the Mashit label and the Monday-night Beat Research residency at Enormous Room), local riddim professor Wayne and Wax, and others."
-Boston Phoenix

"Two walls of the gallery are occupied by listening stations and informative text, by the (((Re:Sound))) Collective, detailing the history of the development of music from Jamaican sound systems to Bronx hip-hop to British rave culture. The final listening station features the Renegade Sound System, composed of Boston-area music compiled by the (((Re:Sound))) Collective. (((Re:Sound))) proposes that the Boston music scene has all of the elements needed to create the next phase of the musical lineage that they describe. All the scene needs is to coalesce.

Coalesce? Good fucking luck!!! Something coalesce in BOSTON?! In this town, black and white combines to make black and white. Academics and people with strong local accents regard each other with suspicion, and even common-interest groups, like artists, are harder to herd than cats.

Not to say it can't happen. I sincerely mean good luck - this is just the sort of effort that's needed in this town."
-Weekly Dig: Excerpt from Kate Ledogar's article titled Facing the Fall

Wayne and Wax
Local Fields
DJ Flack


Antony Flackett

Todd Sargent

Mark Smith

The location remained a secret until the night of the event.

To find out where it was happening one needed to head to Union Square in Somerville, MA and tune their FM radio dial to 89.3. Once tuned in one recieved information on how to find the map which will led to the venue.

This event was part of the Self Sufficient site/non-site show, and has a gallery component exploring the history of renegade sound-system culture. Click here for more info.

Keep your ears peeled.


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